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Today, according to regulations, the term FLAVOURINGS can be indicated and used in different ways on the label, with very different meanings.
In the case of Strawberry paste, for example, some of the ingredients may include:


NATURAL STRAWBERRY FLAVOURING: 95% of the flavouring is extracted from the fruit.


NATURAL STRAWBERRY FLAVOURING WITH OTHER NATURAL FLAVOURINGS: the natural flavouring extracted from strawberries is no more than 95% and is mixed with others, but the taste of the flavouring remains that of strawberry.


NATURAL FLAVOURING: the strawberry taste is obtained from a mix of natural components (not including strawberry), or the mix of natural flavourings does not have specific organoleptic characteristics (it cannot be classified in the two previous definitions A and B).


FLAVOURINGS: it includes all natural-identical flavourings (which are the same as natural ones, but created in the lab) and artificial flavourings (created in the lab, also using molecules that do not exist in nature).

Therefore, the regulation requires products to have natural characteristics even if they do not contain any trace of the main ingredient.

Montebianco’s choice: pure synthesis of the original raw material

Montebianco gives great value to the term NATURAL and, to do so, applies its ethical, technical and technological expertise in order to obtain a semi-finished product that is a pure synthesis of the original raw material: a natural product closely linked to the source raw material, since it is synthesized from it.

The end result is a semi-finished product which, once reworked, offers the same result as the natural one, but BETTER IN TERMS OF PRESERVATION AND QUALITATIVE STABILITY.


As consumers, we need to feel protected when it comes to food safety, which is a fundamental right for all of us.

Food industry operators, including ice cream makers, have a duty to ensure such protection, through companies who strive to offer products with very high safety standards. Interdependence and mutual trust are at the heart of the Montebianco Food Policy, an ambitious and important project that defines the LIFE TRAIL philosophy, the true ethical and scientific spirit that guides Montebianco’s choices.

LIFE TRAIL principles and criteria

The GOAL of LIFE TRAIL is to provide our customers and end consumers with safe, high-quality products, at times distancing ourselves from industrial practices, while continuously offering the best possible solution as far as ingredients are concerned.

In order to obtain LIFE TRAIL recognition, a product must comply with a rating scale based on strict criteria of TRANSPARENCY, TERRITORIALITY AND TASTE AFFINITY.


LIFE TRAIL: a product that contains certified ingredients, ensures the traceability of raw materials, and is made through safe and certified production processes.


LIFE TRAIL: a product that traces the source of the raw materials back to their original production areas, certified by protection bodies in an incontrovertible manner.

Taste affinity

LIFE TRAIL: a product with a taste that closely resembles the original taste of a specific food, thanks to a high content of the basic ingredient and the purity of the added ingredients.

A starting point, not a finishing point

In line with our LIFE TRAIL philosophy, we are always up to date with scientific progress and market trends, with the aim to constantly improve and grow.
Many of our products follow a LIFE TRAIL approach and many others will follow soon. A few years ago, we started eliminating artificial flavourings, we now do not use GMO products and are replacing hydrogenated fats with refined ones. We also offer a range of Gluten Free products.

We also seek full traceability of certain noble raw materials in order to keep our promise of ensuring market-leading products with high quality and protection standards.

And our commitment continues...

INNOVATION our pursuit of excellence

More than half a century has gone by since Montebianco was founded and we have not yet lost the innovative energy that has kept us going all these years.
The desire to continuously improve, to challenge one’s limits, to meet market requirements and anticipate market trends: this is the spirit that has always driven Montebianco.

With QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE as our only constraint, our research laboratories are where ideas are born, developed and, by using modern state-of-the-art technology, turned into always new and amazing CUTTING-EDGE SOLUTIONS.

An even more exciting future lies ahead for ice cream

Being part of the ILLVA Disaronno Group means that we can benefit from a one-of-a-kind, constantly evolving state-of-the-art Research Centre. Thanks to its advanced equipment, we are also able to determine the aromatic composition of foods and raw materials.


FRAGOLA IN PASTA (strawberries in paste)

FRAGOLA IN PASTA (strawberries in paste)

FRAGOLA NATURA 100 (strawberry)

FRAGOLA NATURA 100 (strawberry)







TENACE Sorbetto - 1 KG (sorbet)

TENACE Sorbetto - 1 KG (sorbet)

TENACE Sorbetto - 3 KG (sorbet)

TENACE Sorbetto - 3 KG (sorbet)

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