Montebianco is inspired by the highest peak in Europe and was created with the ambition to exceed its limits, always setting the bar for every objective that little bit higher.

A company that considers tradition a strength and so strives to protect, cultivate and develop the master skills that lie behind artisan ice-cream, one of the specialities that makes Italy unique worldwide.

A well-balanced recipe

Montebianco works hard to offer ice-cream parlours and pastry shops the very best ingredients for making perfect artisan ice-cream. It combines selected high quality ingredients with the constant search for increasingly innovative solutions, in terms of good health and wellness, but also creativity.


Emotions are undoubtedly the main characteristic of the history of Montebianco. Each stage is a milestone reached, and each milestone is in turn the most effective driving force in our never-ending pursuit of a new objective.


New Anselmi Range


Pastry Revolution


NewAge MIX

The label of New Age Mix, a stabiliser and emulsifier-free base, lists Skimmed Milk as its top ingredient and no "E" numbers. All this, combined with the ease with which it can be used, makes New Age Mix an essential ingredient for an exceptional quality ice-cream.

Variegato Black Emotion Topping

Black Emotion is an extremely elegant proposal created for the trendiest ice-cream shops: not just a flavour, but a "transformer" product that lends itself to a dozen different uses, maximising the ice-cream maker's efficiency and profit.


Audace e Tenace

The Audace base and Tenace sorbet syrup are created, two products that are easy to use and ensure great results in terms of taste and stability in the display counter. It confirms the company's Life Trail philosophy, which leads it to explore innovative solutions based on the pursuit of its consumers' good health and wellbeing.

Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie

For the very first time in the history of this prestigious event, an Italian company is chosen as an example of excellence in the production of ingredients for ice-cream making: in the 2017 edition Montebianco celebrates its entry into the Hall of Fame of the partners of this prestigious event.

Variegati Gourmet Line

Montebianco presents the new "gourmet" range: toppings that respect the canons of fine pastry-making, characterised by the use of excellent raw materials and the clever mix recommended by the Gurus of White Room. The new line is launched to the cry of "No kit, be free!", encouraging the ice-cream maker to let his creativity and artisan skill run wild.


StabilMix 50° Anniversario

To celebrate the long history of the brand, three new products are created, complementing the existing range: StabilMix 50° Anniversario, StabilLatte and StabilCream, products that launch the Life Trail philosophy, the mark that guarantees a transparent Food Policy to its customers and consumers. The new products are 100% GMO-free, Gluten-free and contain no artificial flavours!

Foundation of the White Room

The in-house idea lab of Montebianco is opened, tasked with stimulating the pursuit of excellence. It is staffed by professionals from many different locations whose wide cultural diversity gives them the requisites needed to project Montebianco on to an even higher level of skill and innovation.


New Natur Line

The new range of Montebianco pastes stands out for its unflinching decision to only use natural colours: a new, essential step on the pathway to products that are extremely good for the health.


Gusto & Benessere Line

A new important step that confirms the company's focus on Wellness: the launch of a line created by selecting the best raw materials to guarantee all the 100% natural flavour of a good milk or fruit-based ice-cream.

Vegan Line

The company's focus on the new tastes and trends of the market is confirmed by the launch of a line comprising more than one hundred vegan products.


Doppiozero Line

The low-calorie ice-cream with no sugar and no added fats, introduces an even stronger trend: that of healthy products which satisfy the new dietary trends.

Doppiozero introduces a product philosophy perfect for those who want to stay in shape without giving up the pleasure of a delicious ice-cream.



Once again, Montebianco stands out with a new product that confirms its passion for innovation. This is the year of Gelato Caldo®, designed to sustain the consumption levels in ice-cream shops during the winter period.



Montebianco joins the historical Italian group, owner of various brands in the spirits sector, most notably the highly successful "Disaronno Originale", product made using the same secret original formula since 1525.


UNI-EN ISO 9001 Certification

Having always focused carefully on the problems associated with quality, environment and safety, Montebianco becomes one of the first companies to obtain this quality certification, clear confirmation of the company's will to safeguard its customers.


Gelato Caldo

Gelato Caldo makes its debut.
An original solution for creating cakes in display cabinets.


Semifreddo Line

The practical Montebiancosemifreddos make their debut in ice-cream shops, the first stage of a bid to help the ice-cream maker develop his range of products on offer, in an approach based on real pastry-making.


The debut of Stabilmix

This is the year when the ultimate milk base makes its first appearance, a solution that will go on to spark a true cultural trend. A simple yet professional way of making artisan ice-cream.

Immediately becoming a benchmark for the market, it would eventually be acknowledged as the most widely imitated and bestselling base, and would prove to remain on the market for much longer than most of the competitor products could even imagine.


Montebianco is founded

The historical Mark machinery company opens Montebianco S.p.A., producer of semi-finished products for ice-cream making.

The new company instantly prioritises research and development, seeing this as the key to expanding its range.