Pistacchio Verde di BRONTE 100% DOP

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Pistachio Bronte Paste 100% pure and certified.
The Italian queen of excellence and Montebianco’s flagship.

Recipe measurements:
80/100 gr/kg mix
crt kg 6 - can kg 3

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Pistachio Bronte

Pistachio Bronte

BRONTE Green Pistachio DOP


TheBronte's green pistachio plant: Pistacea Vera

Pistachios are an antique fruit which was known to the Babylonians, Assyrians, Jordanians and Greeks.
It is even mentioned in the book of Genesis and is a food which has helped shape the Mediterranean peoples’ cultural and gastronomic heritage.
Bronte’s Pistachio plant, is the Pistacea Vera, which may live for more than 300 years. It is resistant to hot dry climates and the Bronte native plant grows from Bronte to Ragalna, on the slopes of Mount Etna, in the Catania province (Sicily). Trees have been known to grow back after being knocked over by the volcano’s lava.
The Bronte Pistachio harvest takes place every two years from the first week of September, after the first rains. If the rains do not occur in late August, the farmer is forced to irrigate the plant a few days before the harvest and this is difficult as many plants are in inaccessible (volcanic material clusters) and steep places which are difficult to harvest or irrigate.
Freshly harvested pistachios are deprived of the husk covering the shell and dried in the sun for at least 3-4 days to avoid a parasitic infection.
Pistachios most serious physiological problems is the the alternation of production which means the cyclical alternation “loading” and “unloading” years which lowers production by up to 20%. There are no remedies to this alternate production issue.
In Bronte, and typically in the Etna area, the unloading years are used to remove the few fruit buds to prevent the parasite (Chaetoptelius vestitus) from being hosted and stopping the insect's biological cycle.
Planting pistachio trees is a long term investment bearing in mind that they will give the first fruits only after about a decade!

Nutritional values

g 45,39
g 27,51
g 20,27
g 10,30
g 7,66
g 3,91
g 1,67


- Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, selenium, fluorine, copper
- Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, K and E
- Pistachios have high antioxidant properties thanks to polyphenols
- Monounsaturated fats help to lower the cholesterol level in the blood.
Bronte Green Pistachios are unusual because of its pulp’s uniform bright green colour and its pronounced aroma. It is favoured for the manufacture of nougat, confectionery products and ice cream.
The harvest of these valuable pistachios takes place from the first week of September every twp years.
A plant begins to bear fruit a decade after it was planted.

Bronte Green Pistachio DOP

The Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry granted Montebianco permission to use such identifification, having checked its authenticity.
This is an extremely important and exclusive recognition, since the Bronte's Green Pistachio represents only 1% of world production.

The Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) covers an area between 300 and 900 metres above sea level, which includes Bronte, Adrano and Biancavilla.


Pistachio Bronte
Italia - Bronte

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