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One of the most exciting news from the Montebianco White Room is the New Age Mix. Considered by the professional Chefs as ""the basis of the future"", what distinguishes this gelato base among the others is the clean label, in line with the Life Trail philosophy that since 2016 leads Montebianco to the continuous research for the best possible ingredients formulation. The label of New Age Mix, a base free of stabilizers and emulsifiers, shows as the first item among the ingredients, the Skimmed Milk and no ""E"" exist.This key fact, combined with ease of application, makes New Age Mix the indispensable ingredient for an extremely high quality gelato.

Recipe measurements:
140 gr/kg mix
crt kg 16 - bag Kg 2

Warm Processing Warm Processing

No hydrogenated fats No hydrogenated fats

product details Product details


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