1. 1966 - Montebianco was established

    Montebianco was established

    From the historical company of ice cream machinery production Mark, Montebianco S.p.A. has been established as manufacturer of semi-finished ingredients for gelato. The new company targets since the very beginning on the centrality of R&D, as a key point for the creation of its range of products.

  2. 1968 - StabilMix’ launch

    StabilMix’ launch

    It’s the year of the debut in the market of the most famous milk base, a new solution that created a real cultural trend: a simple, and at the same time professional, way of making artisanal gelato. It quickly became the benchmark for the market, it has come to be recognized as the base and the most imitated sold one, showing an unbelievable longevity compared to the competing products.

  3. 1984 - Parfaits range

    Parfaits range

    The practical Montebianco parfaits range gets into the gelato shop, first step to help and to support the Gelatiere to evolve and to implement its offer to a real pastry chef approach.

  4. 1993 - Certification UNI-EN ISO 9001

    Certification UNI-EN ISO 9001

    Montebianco, always careful to all issues related to quality, environment and safety, is among the first companies to obtain this quality certification, which definitely confirms the clear Company's willing to protect its customers.

  5. 1996 - Doppiozero


    The low-calorie gelato, with no sugar and no fat added, introduces a trend even more pronounced of research of healthy products, in line with the new food trends. Doppiozero introduces a philosophy of products suitable for all those who are attentive to their fitness, but do not want to miss the pleasure of a delicious and tasty gelato.

  6. 1998 - ILLVA SARONNO Group


    Montebianco becomes part of this historical Italian Group, owner of several brands in the spirits industry, including the most well-known and well established worldwide "Disaronno Originale", the product that keeps unchanged its secret original formula since 1525.

  7. 1999 - GelatoCaldo®


    Once again, Montebianco stands with an innovation that confirms its strong attention to innovation: it is in this year that comes the GelatoCaldo®, whose purpose is to support consumption of gelato even during the winter season.

  8. 2003 - Health & Taste Line

    Health & Taste Line

    A new important step that confirms its attention to wellness; it is launched the line that comes from the selection of the best raw materials which guarantee throughout the naturalness of the taste of a good gelato, both on milk base than on fruit.

  9. 2008 - New Line Natur

    New Line Natur

    The new range of pastes Montebianco, is characterized by the total choice of using only natural colorant: a new and important step towards the direction of researching products with a great healthy components.

  10. 2013 - Vegan Line

    Vegan Line

    The attention to new tastes and trends of the market, is confirmed by the introduction of a line that wants to count among its products, now over the hundred units, which fulfill a need that keeps growing.

  11. 2016 - StabilMix 50th Anniversary

    StabilMix 50th Anniversary

    In order to celebrate the long history of the brand, three new references have been made to implement the existing ones: Stabilmix 50th Anniversary, StabilLatte and StabilCream. These references launch the new philosophy Life Trail, a brand that guarantees to its customers and consumers a green label. The new references are completely GMO-Free, Gluten Free and without any added flavors!

  12. 2016 - Creation of White Room

    Creation of White Room

    This internal Laboratory of ideas of Montebianco, with the task of stimulating the pursuit of excellence, is formed by professionals who, thanks to the great cultural diversity and different geographical origin, are eligible to elevate Montebianco on a level of competence and innovation even greater.

  13. 2017 - Audace and Tenace

    Audace and Tenace

    The brand new base Audace and the syrup for sorbets Tenace, two easy to use products that ensure the final result in terms of taste and stability in the window case, fully in line with the Life Trail philosophy, lead the company to explore innovative solutions for health and well-being of its consumers.

  14. 2017 - Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie

    Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie

    For the first time in the history of this prestigious event, an Italian company has been chosen as a representative for the excellence in the production of ingredients for gelato: the 2017 edition celebrates the entrance Montebianco in the Gotha of the partners for this prestigious event.

  15. 2017 - Variegates Gourmet Line

    Variegates Gourmet Line

    Montebianco introduces the new "gourmet" range, the variegates able to meet the standard of fine pastry, characterized by the use of high quality row materials and the clever mix suggested by White Room Gurus. Shouting "No kit, be free", the new line claims that the gelatiere has to explore his own creativity and craftsmanship.

  16. 2018 - NewAge MIX

    NewAge MIX

    The label of New Age Mix, a base free of stabilizers and emulsifiers, reports as the first item among the ingredients the Skimmed Milk and no "E". All this, combined with ease of application, makes New Age Mix the indispensable ingredient for an ice cream of extreme quality.

  17. 2018 - Variegato Black Emotion

    Variegato Black Emotion

    Black Emotion is a proposal of extreme elegance for trendy ice cream parlors: not just a simple taste, but a "transforming" reference that allows a dozen different applications, maximizing the efficiency and profitability values of the ice cream maker.

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